Why do fitness veterans seldom practice their arms?

There are many new players in the gym the best fitness equipment who like to practice their arms, but the effect is very small. Many old hands seldom practice their arms, but still have strong arms. Why?

1. weight

Because of the muscle structure of the arm, a lot of weight training is needed to increase the dimension during the exercise. Generally, the best amount of dimension increase is 8-10rm. Novices have no concept of weight of training, so no matter how much training, the effect is not very good.

2. action

A good body builder has a feature that they are stable and solid in their sports. They don’t choose to exceed their control because they are outstanding. In addition, they can master the training rhythm smoothly, rather than slow and fast, and they can practice quickly and quickly for a while.

3. full body training

Arm training is an isolated movement training, so the dimension of growth is very limited. When the arm dimension exceeds the load-bearing range of other muscle groups, the growth rate will slow down. So, the frequency of arm training is not high for the old hand, but I prefer to train the back and chest muscles to drive the steady growth of arm dimension.