Vertical automatic filter presses

YBLY series vertical programmed channel press is created by our organization based on engrossing and processing the new innovation of homegrown and unfamiliar channel presses. The machine has a wide working reach and is mostly utilized in the ventures of non-ferrous, metallurgy, substance, food choice, pottery, papermaking, sugar, dyestuff and sewage treatment for washing, sifting and dewatering of materials to isolate the two periods of strong and fluid in suspension.

  A. YBLY series vertical programmed channel press has the accompanying qualities contrasted and the plate and casing channel press.

  (1) Large creation limit and serious level of mechanization. The six methods of filtration, crushing, washing, auxiliary pressing, air-drying and cake releasing are on the whole completely programmed controlled and work consistently, and the limit of a similar region is in excess of multiple times that of the plate and edge type.

  (2) The water content of the channel cake is low, as the greatest crushing tension arrives at 1.6 m dad, and afterward air-drying by packed air, the water content of the channel cake can be exceptionally low, and the water content is <10% disregarding the translucent water of the medium, even the conventional drying cycle can be wiped out, saving a ton of energy.

  (3) The washing system is expanded, the washing impact is great, the front and posterior of the channel fabric can be on the other hand separated, and there is self-cleaning recovery execution. The channel material is put evenly and the thickness of the channel cake is uniform, the thickness of the channel cake can reach 45mm.

  (4) Compact design. Since it is a four-section vertical gadget, the gear possesses a little region, and negative or very little venture can be made in the plant during the change.

  (5) The activity of the gear is completely programmed controlled through the control bureau, with self-determination and programmed alert capacity.

  B. Model of channel press

  Model Mark of Filter Press

  YBLY/II – mouth

  The completely programmed channel press is additionally evolved on the rule of expulsion of the case type channel press. The principle filtration work stages incorporate taking care of, stomach expulsion, channel cake washing and air drying.

  As indicated by the cycle it is separated into

  a. Short methodology

  Working methodology without cake washing (four phases: filtration, pressing, drying, cake release)

  b. Complete interaction

  Working technique with cake washing (six phases: filtration, pressing I, washing, crushing II, drying, cake release)

  C. Specialized portrayal

  Model Filtration region (m2) External aspects m (LWH) Number of casings (pieces) Max. crushing tension ( MPa )

  YBLY/I – 15


  D. Working standard of vertical channel press

  The YBLY channel press is a programmed channel press that can successfully isolate strong from fluid. Its activity chiefly comprises of the accompanying four phases: filtration, stomach crushing, and cake washing. Air drying.

  The channel plates of the YBLY channel press are automatic filter press put evenly in two strain plate outlines, which are crushed together during filtration and opened when the cake is released.

  The channel plate gathering is chiefly opened and shut by the channel press chamber.

  The channel fabric is passed between the plate outlines and the cake can be shaped on the two sides of the channel material. The channel material is consequently discharged and strong particles from the past cycle that have clung to or obstructed in the channel fabric are discharged out when the channel material is sifted on the opposite side.

  Toward the finish of every filtration cycle, the channel fabric is driven forward to drive the channel cake. After the cake has been released, another cycle starts. The channel fabric is hurried to eliminate the cake from the channel press and is at the same time washed from the two sides with high tension water. The channel fabric is driven by a water powered engine. The channel material tensioning gadget works when the plate and edge gathering is opened or shut.

  The slurry enters the fixed channel chamber through the conveyance pipe. Washing water and packed air enter through similar lines. Toward the finish of the feed stage, the dispersion pipe is exhausted utilizing the discharging valve. The dissemination pipe is situated on the bay side of the channel press (the delta is to one side of the drive).

  High strain water is siphoned by a multi-stage radiating siphon to the circulation tube situated over the stomach. Toward the finish of the crushing stage, the water is gotten back to the high-pressure water station by a similar line.

  The activity of the channel press is controlled completely consequently by a control bureau outfitted with a showcase, administrator point of interaction, switches and working buttons for simple change and perception of the filtration cycle.

  E. Standard of crush filtration

  (1) Filtration stage

  After the channel plate is shut, the slurry enters each channel chamber through the slurry tube simultaneously. The filtrate enters the filtrate chamber through the channel material, then, at that point, enters the filtrate hose lastly arrives at the principle filtrate pipe for release.

  (2) Primary crush

  High-pressure water enters over the stomach through the high-pressure water hose. The stomach crushes the channel cake against the outer layer of the channel fabric, accordingly extracting the filtrate from the channel cake.

  (3) Washing (discretionary stage)

  The washing alcohol is siphoned to the channel chamber involving a similar funneling as the slurry, the stomach is lifted and the high strain water over the stomach is pressed out. The washing alcohol streams into the release pipe in the wake of going through the channel cake and channel fabric.

  (4) Secondary crush (discretionary stage)

  The washing alcohol left in the channel chamber after the washing stage is crushed out involving a similar technique as in the second stage above.

  (5) Air drying

  The last drying of the channel cake is finished by compacted air. The air entering through the conveyance tube fills the channel chamber, lifts the stomach and it is the high strain air from the stomach that leaves the channel press. The wind stream through the channel cake decreases the dampness content of the cake to an ideal level while discharging the filtrate chamber.

  (6) Discharge of the channel cake

  At the point when the drying system is finished, the plate and edge get together opens, the channel fabric drive component starts to work and the channel cake on the channel material is released from the two sides of the channel press.

  The four phase program (short program) does exclude the washing and auxiliary washing and squeezing stages.