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This allows for highly aggressive cutting efficiency, while not sacrificing the life of the circular saw blade. It allows you to cut a very wide range of materials with no need to change blades. The masonry blades are good for cutting concrete, asphalt, brick, stone, etc. Made of the highest quality abrasive grain, fiberglass, resins, etc. Our composite blades are produced for the best mix of cutting speed and wear resistance. One advantage of the abrasive blade is that they are much cheaper when compared to diamond blades. However abrasive disc wears out pretty fast and requires a lot more time to accomplish your task. For cutting concrete, a diamond blade such as a segmented or turbo rim blade is essential. Much like with woodworking, the specifics depend on what you need the concrete to look like afterward.

Relying on the world’s most famous stone production and processing base of Shuitou, Quanzhou has became one of the most important areas of diamond saw blade production. High technology has been added ceaselessly to the production of diamond saw blade which was of heavy use in local stone mining and processing, which improve quality and reduce costs. Cuts safely in either rotational direction for long blade life and maximum performance. Unlike other blades with angled gullets, The Black Star Diamond’s exclusive Perpendicular Gullet Design enables cutting in both directions for enhanced safety, longer blade life and faster cutting. Unlike other blades with angled gullets, The Black Diamond’s exclusive Perpendicular Gullet Design enables cutting in both directions for enhanced safety, longer blade life and faster cutting. In-line Cooling Port Design with more cooling ports to enable faster, cooler high speed diamond cutting performance in any material. The quality of the diamond Crystals determines the ability of the individual diamond grit to resist heat and maintain a sharp point during cutting. Better quality diamonds can hold a sharp point longer than normal at higher temperature. We have purchased a whole range of tools from South Pacific Diamond Tools, including the EZ trenching machine, wet and dry vacuum cobra concrete cutter, Husqurvana hand saw, a jackhammer and a drill. We stock a wide range of blades in a number of sizes for a variety of materials.

It offers high cutting speed and wear resistance in all cutting and sawing operations. The Unifire Special Ops circular saw blade provides you with the ability to safely and quickly cut through a multitude of materials. With this blade you can cut through brick, 5000+ PSI concrete, ductile iron, cast iron, asphalt, metal, steel, rebar, reinforced concrete, stone, block, and more. These blades have no teeth, which is the main thing that differentiates them from standard circular saw blades. These kinds of blades are specifically designed to cut through materials like tile. Therefore, they are not particularly suited to cutting through the wood; that job is better left to standard circular saw blades.

When sharpening the saw blade with a front bevel angle, the saw table or grinding wheel should be inclined at an angle equal to the front bevel angle. There are 3 kinds of equipment for sharpening carbide saw blade. They are automatic saw sharpener, manual saw sharpener, and universal edge grinder. The automatic saw sharpener is divided into numerical control type and general automatic type. Metal bond diamond grinding wheel has high bonding strength and good wear resistance, low wear ratio when sharpening, long service life, low cost, and withstand big loads. In addition, a number of international state-of-the-art diamond blade technology was developed, such as multi-layer diamond segments, silent diamond saw blades, etc. The blade core is typically a metal, round and flat disc which is used to support the outer welded diamond segments. The diamond segments can be attached to the core by laser welding, sintering ,brazing and vacuum brazing. Typically, circular saw blades with 60 to 80 teeth work quite well for MDF because they have the ability to cut very sharp, fine lines and are even a good choice for MDF that has laminate on the outside of it. These are made from different abrasive materials and are pretty common so you can find them for just about any type of saw and they are available in many different sizes.

NIABRAZE segmented diamond band saw blades are coated with a non-continuous diamond edge that spans the entire edge. in the United States and worldwide seeking the best cutting equipment available. What sets Diamond Vantage apart from most of its competition is that we are a true manufacturer. Unlike most of our competition, we manufacture 100% of the diamond tools we sell. Concrete construction has been common practice since the Roman Empire. As a testament to concrete’s strength, the Coliseum still stands today, but it also took eight years to build. Today, concrete remains one of the world’s leading building materials, but structures must be completed on tight schedules and budgets. When building structures have to withstand the toughest elements, most tradesmen use concrete because it is versatile, durable, and economical.

This blade cuts faster due to the design of the turbo segments pushing the material out. This blade effectively cuts concrete, brick, and limestone materials. If not for the longevity of the blade, almost all blades would use a soft bond, which would constantly expose new diamonds away from the bonded steal for a clean cut. However, this negatively impacts the lifetime of the blade, so almost all manufactures use a hard bond for softer materials to vastly increase the lifetime. Diamond polishing bricks for granite slab & bluestone slab polishing are available in resin or metal bond. Fickert type diamond stone polishing bricks are used for polishing granite, marble and other types of stone slabs and tiles.

The steel blade cores for these aggressive uses are thicker, heat-treated, precision-ground and tensioned. The extra thickness and heat treatment allows the core to withstand the flexing stress from the heavier equipment and higher horsepower. The precision grind on the surface minimizes the drag while the establishing the tension of the flatness of the blade at a specific rpm range. Such laser welded diamond saw blades are used for cutting concrete, asphalt or some dry cutting. The wear rate and cutting speed for the diamond segment and diamond saw blade can be classified to the ability of a metal to resist wear from abrasion. Metal bonded with low abrasion resistance like bronze are considered as soft bond.

When installing the carbide saw blade on the saw axle, it is not allowed to place the saw blade on a rigid table, or make the saw blade touch hard objects. Place every saw blade on the cushion when stored, in order to avoid crushed between the carbide saw teeth or with other hard objects. In the process of sharpening the saw blade, it should protect the saw teeth from damage, and remove the resin, iron chips and other impurities attached to the side of the saw teeth. If need to sharpen, the dish grinding wheel working face should be inclined to meet the requirements of sawing angle and side rear angle. The purpose of tooth side sharpening is to make the tooth side edge on the same cutting surface in order to improve the sharpening quality. When the front bevel angle is equal to zero, the diamond grinding wheel working face and tooth front face is perpendicular to the horizontal surface.

An aggressive diamond pad to be the next step used on damaged floors or after grinding. For heavy-duty removal of scratches and discoloration of the surface. Size of polishing pads plays an important role for efficient polishing. Smaller size polishing pads are crucial for spot polishing for scratch removal or polishing small dings. The bigger size polishing pads important to polish bigger surface quickly. Get authentic stadea granite polishing pads directly from the authorized retailer.

purchased the tile repair resin and the result was great, it was easy to apply and very forgiving with a “have a go” amateur. I was told the result would not be as good as new and when I first saw the hybrid pads I didn’t think I would have much of a floor left but I followed the online instructions and got down to some serious polishing. The TileMaster team were right, the result was not as good as new, it was better! It’s an incredible finish, like glass, very few scratches remain, I cannot believe it. After trying for years to get such as finish I can only say thank you for your clear advice and great products. Hi-Tech Diamond mini Tech-10 diamond polishing pads are used for polishing material such as stones and glass. They are designed to be used on our mini disc holders to polish the nooks and crannies of small material and jewelry pieces. DAMO 3-step diamond polishing pads are a new generation of polishing system.

The velcro backed tools are compatible with a variety of grinders using velcro plates or lippage holders. Featuring 3×3” discs per 9” ring, and 6×3” discs per 13” ring. Nato Rings features patented design with wide channels for optimal polish results and tool life. Offered in 9-inch and 13-inch with our popular resin tool designs – Nato, Waffel, V-Harr, HD Resin, 3-Step. FlexFoam™ pads have a rigid back covered by a layer of foam, and then Hook & Loop backed. This unique design allows the back-up pad to absorb bounce and be flexible, without bending too much. 4.Higher quality resinwhich has higher heat and abrasion resisting properties is used. An optional final buff pad is also available for an even deeper polish. To that end, we may be compensated with a small commission through affiliations with our endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Read our Terms of Use and Disclosures page for more information.

Grit and bond are less important, but the grit does need to be coarse enough to cut the paint where the wheel is unable to slice the surface. Sometimes it can be important for contractors who have more time and less income to attempt to maximize the lifespan of tooling by running them in the ‘slow’ zone. Longer-lasting wheels are often those with greater surface area and harder bonds. Segment shape can affect the aggression of the wheel, as well as dispersion characteristics. This can influence the speed of removal of stickier products like glues, as well as paints or products that can re-activate. Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel characteristics are influenced almost entirely by four major factors. The total surface area of the segments attached to the wheel will generally determine the level of aggression or speed. If you measure the cross sectional area of each segment and multiply that by the number of segments you will have calculated the total surface area. The larger the figure, the less aggressive the wheel will be.

Arrow Segment Cup WheelOur arrow cup wheel is now the most popular wheel for anyone working on concrete floors or concrete counter tops. Do not be confused by other companies that offer 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm diamond depth. The arrow cup deliveries fast constant grinding with minimum spaulding of the concrete. Arrow cup wheels have a segment with a sharp leading edge for slicing, grinding and scrapping at the same time. Along with their coarse diamonds, this makes them aggressive, and ideal for glue removal and quick removal of thick layers. Used for general grinding as well as adhesive, epoxy and paint removal. Spiral turbo diamond grinding wheels are for general purpose grinding of masonry and concrete. The 24 segment Turbo wheels are less aggressive than the 12 segment wheels, and will last longer, but have a higher initial price.