Seven mistakes in biceps exercise

Why did you do so many two head bending, the two cast iron adjustable dumbbells heads are still unsatisfactory. Whenever we talk about how to create a perfect biceps, the first thing that comes to our mind is always the bending, barbell bending, dumbbell bending and elastic rope bending. It seems that as long as we do the bending, we can grow Amazing Biceps.

Why do you do two head bending all day, but the effect is very little? It’s not that you don’t work hard, it’s just that the method is wrong and you take many detours. Here are a few common mistakes in biceps brachii training, hoping to put you on the right track.

Mistake 1: throw too high

If you want to do a good biceps by bending, you have to make sure that you lift the load (barbell or dumbbell) from one point to another, instead of using inertia to swing the load from the bottom to the top. In short, the more you swing, the less stimulation you will get to both ends. Instead of throwing a 150 pound barbell, you’d better do a 100 pound curl, because the latter is more stimulating to your muscles.

Mistake 2: too many wrists

Many bodybuilders often joke that the congestion of the forearm is no less than that of the forearm itself after the practice of biceps curl – this is exactly the mistake that many novices will make. They often use their wrists too much when doing the curl, and the correct way is to keep the wrists and forearms in a straight line as much as possible.

Mistake 3: do it fast

In order to lift more weight, many people like to bend to do fast, but many people do not know, compared to the weight of the bend, the length of muscle tension is much more important. It’s time to wake up, try to reduce two pieces of barbell or change to a lighter dumbbell for bending. It takes 2 seconds to lift it up and 3 seconds to put it down. Believe me, it’s very pumping.

Mistake 4: not doing the whole process

The only way to make sure that every muscle fiber is stimulated is to do the whole lift – from the full extension of both ends to the full extension of both ends.

Mistake 5: no shrinking

It’s not necessary to say that stretching plays an important role in muscle growth, but it’s also important to bend and contract at the top! Make sure that you fully squeeze your two ends every time you bend to the top, which can stimulate faster blood circulation and enhance the pumping feeling, so that your strong two ends are no longer a dream.

Mistake 6: unchangeable

People are like this. They don’t like to try to change when they are used to a movement, but it’s not feasible in muscle training. Especially for biceps, you must stimulate biceps from multiple angles and directions, so as to maximize its growth. Try narrow grip, middle grip and wide grip, standing, sitting, leaning forward, or hammer, and change the pattern to stimulate the two ends.

Mistake 7: not paying attention to the two head training

Indeed, we have always stressed that we should train large muscle groups first, then small muscle groups such as biceps or triceps. But if your primary goal is to build biceps, it’s important to keep biceps training on its own for a day.