Precious metals trading company information system risk control concept


  The essence of electronic trading of precious metals is to rely on the information system electronic platform for trading, customers from online account opening, signing, deposit, trading, withdrawal, termination of all investment activities are concentrated in the operation of the information system electronic platform, so a safe and fast operating system will become the key to the long-term healthy and sustainable development of precious metals trading.

  Information System Risk Definition

  Information system risk refers to the existence or technical failure of the electronic information system, resulting in the interruption of the market, trading halts, bank transfer and other problems that do not guarantee the normal operation of the transaction, thus causing adverse losses to customers, the company’s economic and reputation loss risk due to the obligation to compensate. At the same time, there is also the risk that the technical defects of the software design will lead to errors in the calculation of investors’ transaction data and damage to investors’ property caused by data destruction.

  Information system construction and maintenance status

  Electronic trading of precious metals is a business model based on an information system platform. A stable, safe, convenient and efficient trading system platform is undoubtedly the most important concern of all market participants. The precious metals industry started late, and the level of information technology and trading system research and development is relatively backward, making all major trading centers nationwide develop and maintain their trading systems independently for a long period of time, so each precious metals trading company (member unit) does not pay enough attention to the compliance management of information systems.

  Precious metals trading companies generally do not set up special technical support departments, and there is a lot of randomness in the handling of abnormal problems that occur on the trading system platform, and there is no dedicated task, and there is often no one to track the course of events. At the same time, the trading system is constantly being updated and optimized, and there are new standards for the hardware, software and application systems of the company’s equipment, while the company does not have a special technical department and lacks relevant technical staff, so it is obviously unable to cope with the process of system operation and maintenance.

  Maintain a safe and robust information system

  1. Maintain the security and stability of the system hardware network

  In order to maintain a robust information trading system and give full play to the role of IT systems in supporting business operations, the technical department of the precious metals trading company must do a good job of managing hardware equipment, information security and network facilities and other infrastructure to avoid problems such as data and information transmission errors and system crashes that cause transactions to not proceed smoothly.

  System security. Ensure the standardization of interfacing with the trading center system, create a user permission approval system, enhance permission approval for major businesses prone to risk potential, prevent illegal authorization, and curb cross-access by incompatible positions. Make full use of network equipment, software technology and other security strategies, such as firewalls, intrusion scanning, and vulnerability detection, to strengthen network security and prevent network attacks, and take encryption measures for key data transmitted to ensure the security and accuracy of information.

  Daily management. The technical department needs to be designated to perform relevant management duties, participate in the transformation of various technical systems organized by the trading center, testing work and technical training meetings held, and submit relevant reports, coordinate the handling of technical incidents that occur, etc. The company should formulate system emergency plans and revise them in a timely manner as needed to ensure that emergency measures can be implemented efficiently.

  Supervision and inspection. In accordance with the requirements of supervision, accept the on-site and off-site supervision and inspection of the trading center, and timely submit accurate and complete information system information to the trading center; in case of violation, the trading center takes different restrictive means or penalties according to the regulations; at the same time, continuously improve its own professional and technical level to ensure system security.

  2. System operation safety, fast and standardized upgrade

  The essence of electronic trading of precious metals spot is to rely on the information system electronic platform for trading, all trading activities of customers are concentrated in the information system electronic platform, so only the construction and maintenance of a safe and fast operating system, according to the new problems arising from the expanding new business, and constantly amend the design of new programs and new ways, so as to reduce the risk while providing customers with a safer and more convenient experience and service.

  Security and speed. We pay attention to the security and integrity of customer funds, account numbers, passwords and other information, and make the transaction data such as customer warehouse receipts, flow, and statements instantly available, consistent and accurate, while ensuring that the system is constantly updated and upgraded with the external environment policies and new functional requirements of users, so that customers can operate more and more smoothly and conveniently.

  Update and upgrade. We also organize operation and maintenance meetings with the operation and maintenance staff of the trading center, technical support staff of the company and core members of each department on a regular basis to train on the operation of the new functions of the system, discuss problems and failures that occur during testing or use, put forward some suggestions for optimization, and organize and summarize them into written documents for submission to the relevant persons in charge so that they can be corrected and improved in the new version. The new version will be revised and improved.

  Strengthen monitoring. The risk control of trading has always been the top priority of the company. With the increasing problems of network security and virtual fraud, the trading system will face unprecedented challenges. Therefore there is a need to have more data information and provide more accurate data analysis to prevent and avoid mega trading risks within the system. For example.

  Adding a risk measurement function at the account opening stage to exclude some potential customers with low risk appetite or who have not engaged in risky investments will help the company reduce operational risks.

  In addition to using position warning, heavy position reminder, risk alert, and large account reporting mechanism in the trading stage, the balance monetization fund method or multi-account fund method can also be used for discounting to reduce the capital loss rate.

  The complaint stage can be set up industry investor blacklist, for frequent complaints, malicious operation and other customers to restrict their accounts in other industry platforms, purge the illegal behavior that disrupts the precious metals trading.

  The information system is constantly upgraded to the precious metals trading company in the operation and maintenance of the information system platform has put forward new requirements, at the same time, with the continuous innovation and development of precious metals trading, its electronic, information level will become higher and higher, the future stability of the information system, security, convenience will become the key link in the sustainable development of precious metals trading, so the company should continue to improve the standardized management of the information system platform, so that it is more secure and stable, more convenient. Therefore, the company will continue to improve the standardized management of the information system platform to make it safer, more stable, more convenient and efficient.