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Best in Wall Gun Safe for the Money

When comparing different firearm safes one can always depend on the best in wall gun safe. WHY – Because you can hide them with various techniques, better and in most cases impossible for burglars to break into.

There are different models available on the market for you to choose and these include the wall gun safes that we will discuss with you here. The provided models are easy to access all depending on where they are located (an important thing to remember.)

Some models provide you with waterproof and fireproof features protecting your items from damage. Moreover, most importantly, they keep curious kids away and one needs to use discretion when entering codes. So, let us get started in showing you some of the in wall gun safes we found to be the best.

 In-Wall Cabinet – Stack-On IWC-22



The Stack-On IWC-22 is a small wall gun safe and looks similar to an electrical box. The interior of the cabinets lined with foam to prevent your valuables from scratching. The exterior and interiors made from durable steel while you can easily remove the shelves and comes with a 3-year limited warranty – this covers defects and workmanship. You receive two removable shelves made from steel while the steel door has a three-point locking system. The gun safe weighs 15 pounds and the shelves are adjustable as well.


Features, Specifications, and Benefits of the Stack-On IWC-22

  • Dimensions: 20.25 x 3.87 x 15.37-inches
  • Weighs: 15 pounds
  • Designed with two removable steel shelves that you can adjust as well – the shelves are on the narrow side
  • The interior of the gun safe is lined with foam
  • It has a 3-point locking system
  • The wall gun safe is easy to install and comes with pre-drilled holes, however, the door does not have a handle for opening
  • The gun safe is not waterproof or fireproof
  • You receive a 3-year limited warranty

Mesa MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe


The Mesa MAWS2113E is an adjustable wall safe to provide protection for your valuables and documents. It has a simple design for ease of installation and has available pre-drilled holes for mounting with two interior shelves. You receive an electronic lock that is battery operated. You receive two keys for manual operation if the batteries happen to fail. The keypad provides you with a combination of access codes that are easy to change. The safe weighs 40 pounds and the door does not have a handle and requires you to leave the key in the hole for ease of opening.


Features, Specifications, and Benefits of the MAWS2113E

  • It has a small design, making it easier for you to install with dimensions of 6.8 x 15.2 x 22-inches
  • The wall gun safe provides you with adjustability
  • The interior is lined with foam for keeping valuable safe
  • You receive two by removable and adjustable shelves
  • It has an electronic lock design that works with Alkaline + sized batteries
  • The safe is not waterproof or fireproof
  • For ease of installation, it has pre-drilled holes
  • Weighs: 40 pounds and available in a beige color that includes the batteries and provided mounting hardware
  • You receive a 1-year parts and labor warranty

In Wall Gun Safe Barska Biometric


The Barska Biometric in wall gun safe is a small safe that works with a fingerprint reader. It recognizes up to 120 fingerprints and battery operated. In the case of an emergency, you receive two override keys and according to the manufacturer, the batteries last up to 2-years depending on how much you use your fingerprint reader. It has an external battery compartment and makes changing of the batteries easier and one does not require the override keys to change the batteries. The interior of the gun safe has shelves for keeping items organized and designed with pre-drilled holes to anchor the unit.


Features, Specifications, and Benefits of the Barska Biometric

  • The biometric system of the Barska is capable of storing up to 120 fingerprints
  • The compact size of the wall gun safe makes hiding it much easier behind mirrors, picture frames, in cupboards and more
  • It has a two-point deadbolt system design
  • The biometric system is battery operated (4 x AA batteries) and includes two by overriding keys in case of battery failure
  • When you buy this model you receive a protective flooring mat, mounting hardware, pre-drilled holes for ease of anchor, two emergency back-up keys, and AA batteries
  • Provides you with 3 beep sounds if the batteries are low
  • The safe is not fire or waterproof
  • You receive a 1-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: exterior 15,5 x 3,73 x 20,75-inches outer 15,5 x 3,73 x 20,73-inches
  • Weighs 28.8 lbs and constructed with steel

Full-Length In-Wall Gun Safe Stack-On IWC-55


For the rifle and shotgun owner, the Stack-On IWC-55 is one of the best in wall gun safes to own. Even the interior has a small steel shelf for keeping small valuables together. The bottom interior and shelf are lined with foam to protect your valuables from scratching and come with a 3-year warranty. It is easy to install and easily holds three handguns, a rifle, a shotgun, and spare magazines. You can easily remove the shelf to provide more space if needed. It has a 3-point locking system design.


Features, Specifications, and Benefits of the IWC-55

  • Designed with a removable shelf (2 large and 1 small shelf) and completely constructed of steel
  • The bottom of the safe and shelf is lined with foam for protecting your items
  • It has a 3-point locking system
  • Weighs 32 pounds
  • Dimensions: exterior 15 ⅜ x 3 ⅞ x 54 ¾ -inches interior 14 x 3 ⅞ x 53 ¼ -inches
  • Available in color beige
  • Affordably priced and comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Does not come with pre-drilled holes for anchoring to the top or bottom of the gun safe
  • Not fire or waterproof

Large Barska Biometric Wall Safe


The large Barska Biometric wall safe provides ample storage for important items in your home. With the biometric system, it can store up to 120 different fingerprints. The interior has a unique additional locked compartment for sensitive items with a folding tray and LED light. For ease of use you receive an override key in case the batteries fail on you and available with mounting hardware. The locking systems designed with a 2 bolt-motorized steel bolt system.


Features, Specifications, and Benefits of the AX12408

  • Designed with a biometric fingerprint scanner that memorizes up to 120 different fingerprints
  • Has an interior locking compartment, interior LED light, removable shelves, and fold out tray
  • Weighs 48 lbs
  • Dimensions: outer 31.5” x 15.5” x 4-inches inner 30” x 13.6” x 3.5-inches
  • Made from sheet steel
  • Includes 6 AA batteries, 2 Interior keys, 2 Exterior back-up keys, mounting screws, internal floor mat, plastic separators, and Allen Wrench
  • Designed with a 2 steel bolt motorized locking system
  • 1-year Limited Warranty



We hope that you have found our best in wall gun safe a big help in choosing one that is best suited for you. Whether you are in need of finding a small to large gun safe or an electronic, biometric, or manual operated gun safe you are sure to find it here. Thanks for visiting and be sure to look at some of our in-depth gun safe reviews!

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